The canyon music of Connie Burkhart. A CD that stands the test of time. 16 songs by this singer-songwriter that captures the heart with images of the southwest, lyrics of love found and lost and the beauty of sunsets on the red rock canyon walls.


  1. Step Into The Light (written by a campfire with friends on Cedar Mesa in SE Utah)
  2. The Wilderness She Loves (written after her first solo backpacking trip in Grand Gulch)
  3. Sunflowers, Sunsets, and Sage (written when finding my love and having to leave him)
  4. Ghost Ranch (This place brought me back to life - check it out!)
  5. Her Painted Desert (A song about Georgia O'Keeffe and the high desert she loved)
  6. Midnight Breakfast Stand (written for Wayne Howell and his vanishing desert in Cortez, CO)
  7. Free To Be (born by a canyon during a 'dig' in southern Utah)
  8. The Magic of Love (written with my eyes closed, it came in a dream)
  9. Walking Through The Fire (a song after falling out of love)
  10. Forever I'll Remember (a quiet song written on a sad New Years Eve)
  11. Colorado Rocky Mountain Dream (written driving through the Rockies)
  12. The Cowboy (written in the Black Hills of South Dakota)
  13. I Am The River (My love called me his river of life)
  14. Sometimes I Whisper His Name (a love song of loss and memories)
  15. Montezuma Memories (born on the top of a mesa in southern Utah)
  16. In This Place of Peace (written by the Chama River after her father's passing)

Getting ready to perform at Ghost Ranch.


Guitar, Electric Violin and Piano are some of Connie's instruments that lend a great mix to the tracks of her music.

Performing at Oskar Blues in Lyons, CO


After the devastating flood in Lyons, CO in 2013, Connie performed several pieces from her CD as a tribute to Colorado and the red rock mesas and rivers in Lyons.